Saw JUNO tonite at the World Exchange Theatre
And I haven’t done “cheap Tuesday” in a long time and was surprised by the price to see a movie on Tuesday night.

Before the movie I saw the new trailer for WALL·E
Love the new PIXAR theme opening
I can’t wait to see it in June!!!
I feel its going to be one of those PIXAR films that will make be laugh and cry. IE Monster’s Inc.

Overall I really love JUNO
Its a feel good kind of movie.
The acting by Ellen Page is amazing considering the dilemma the character has to go thru being pregnant.
I laughed alot during the film.
My favorite was when this girl is sucking up to the teacher and say “I love Woody Allen film”
That was too funny and I understood it.
I didn’t know Jennifer Garner is in the movie too.
At least she is doing something post Alias.

The soundtrack is amazing too
Go and watch JUNO if you can

On another topic:
Who is shocked to hear Heath Ledger’s death!!??

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One response to “Juno”

  1. theundeadblogger says :

    Juno really is a great film. Thanks for including a link to my review!

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