LOST “Through the Looking Glass”

Can't wait for the new season of LOST
Sucks its only 8 episodes. STUPID STRIKE! When will you be done!
Anyways, tonight they re-aired the season 3 finale of last year.
This time they added those pop up title to give you a “coles notes” of what happened in the show.
I haven't watched in awhile and haven't gotten Season 3 on DVD.

Watching the last 25 minutes got me teary eyed 😛
The scene of Charlie's death scene and the part when where Jack picks up the phone and the musical score is played

So who is excited tomorrow night?

I hope they don't bring back Walt, that will just ruin the continuity of the show and he is must been a older now.
How long they have been on the island? We know its not 4 years 😛


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