LOST: The Beginning Of The End

Tonight was the season premiere of a 1st of 8 episodes of LOST
Well thanks to the stupid Writer's Strike.

It was really fast paced. Considering the centric “flash forward” was on Hurley.
It was a good episode.
Just was sad seeing the state of Hurley when he got off the island.
It was emotional.
There is a scene I won't reveal for those that hasn't seen it.
It was soo sad and moving. You had to watch it.

Now the question is, how did they get off the island
That is everyone wanting to know now
And other loose ends that needs to be resolved.
Can’t wait for season 5.


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One response to “LOST: The Beginning Of The End”

  1. dfollett76 says :

    They explain how the six got off they island in the previous season. However, we don’t know how Locke got off if that’s what you mean.

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