CJ7 is #1 in Hong Kong

I haven't seen the movie considering I don't live in Hong Kong.
Well its no surprise the long awaited Stephen Chow movie CJ7 is #1 in Hong Kong.
I am going to be the minority who will dislike this movie.
Or dare to go against my opinions to his fans.
Saw the clips/trailers on Youtube.
I think it looks like crap.

We know the Hong Kong movie scene is under some recession.
Ya its good that he can bring in the big bucks or revive for the business but quality-wise it sucks.
Its kind of saying “Ya its a Hong Kong movie with the cast but we have to film it in China”.

In my opinion any of Stephen Chow before Kings Of Comedy were his best.

I couldn't stand Shoalin Soccer and Kung Fu (Hustle) [going by the Chinese title].
Kung Fu (Hustle) I find he is letting his supporting cast to take over the movie since he is kind of missing in some scenes.

I kind of miss some of his movies that were filmed in Hong Kong and had Hong Kong cast
Now its all pan-Asian this and that.
Now he is using up and comer actresses from China and I find they aren't interesting.
For example the mute girl from Kung Fu (Hustle)
Gong Li was in some of his movies but that is different because she can definitely act :P.

I don't think I will want to see CJ7

If you want to debate this then go right ahead


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