I’m seeing STARS

Tonight I went to STARS for the second.
I was soooo excited!!!
I got there very early and I see the tour and out comes the Evan and Torquil.
I was soo freaked out and got Torq’s autograph. Thank goodness I got it before the show. I know its bad but they are used with it.

Waiting in line and meeting interesting people.

The opener was Gentlemen Reg.
He was good. That is all I have to say.

On with STARS.
I was glad I got to use my DSLR. Considering my horrible experience with Feist.
Apparently the security told us when STARS starts it was our cue to run near the stage.
Man in about 5 seconds people went crazy and near the stage.

They were amazing live as usual.
Amy seemed excited and happy this time.
When I saw her in Montreal she just stood there and seemed dazed too.
But she was hyper and crazy this time.

Torq was the same live

I am going to see them again when they come back to Bluesfest.

Oh I got all their autographs except for the keyboardist. Whatever Amy and Torq are the ones that I needed.
I told them how my favorite track is “In Our Bedroom After The War” and said it reminded me of November Rain by GnR.
They were surprised that I said it and I guess that is what they wanted. Or someone said its like a “epic song”.

OK the setlist which I got and its all duct taped too.

The Begining After The End
The Night Starts Here
Elevator Love Letter
Soft Revolution
Window Bird
One More Night
Bitches In Tokyo
Set Yourself On Fire
Going, Going, Gone
What I’m Trying To Say
Midnight Coward
Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Ageless Beauty
Take Me To The Riot
My Favourite Book
Calendar Girl
The Woods

What a show!!!


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