My Blueberry Nights: The Review

Last night I saw the long awaited Wong Kar-Wai‘s first english language movie.

The first 5 minutes I was like “YEAH!!” seeing the slow motion of the subway going down.
It stars Norah Jones in her first acting role.
I didn’t mind her and besides its her first time give her a break.
Jude Law seem like Jude Law.
Rachel Weisz kind of overacted.
Natalie Portman stood out the most.
Nice to see actors actually eating.

I just felt abit weird maybe since I am such a big WKW fan that I miss his Hong Kong made films
It was good to see non Asians acting but there was something missing that should have been added in the film.
Felt that WKW incorporated all his old films all into one.
Old films being Days Of Being Wild, Chungking Express, Fallen Angels, Happy Together, In The Mood For Love and 2046.
Notoriously famous for not having a script.

The visuals were stunning
Love the slow motions in certain scenes and everything is all in 1 take.
And everything not “Hollywood” like.

The soundtrack was amazing as always to fit in certain moods.
What was missing was the overuse of the song. For example in Chungking Express where California Dreamin’s been played alot of times.

The only thing missing is know if there were any missing scenes that could be most talked about.
For example in 2046 there was suppose to be more scenes of the future and odds and ends and in Happy Together the famous/most talked about cut scenes of Shirley Kwan (which is available in Youtube).

Its one of the movies that will leave you warm and fuzzy in a artsy way.


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