Bluesfest *FULL REVIEW* pt 1

OK I've been in and out using this and recovered from my Bluesfest fun.
But my Flickr site has alot of photos

I should give out my FULL REVIEW. Highs and Lows of this year's festival
Just to let you know, I am grateful this year I got a photo pass thanks to WGTS Magazine which I took some photos and special access to meet the artists.

Here is my long full review, if I can remember.

Day 1:
Matt Mays and El Torpedo was totally amazing and I rocked out
Jose Gonzalez was great as always and glad to see him play in Ottawa again. Ya boo to Andrea for missing him for the 2nd time, she must have this Jose curse 😛
Cassandra Wilson was great but at that time I was getting tired and hungry.
I never thought the Hip would have alot of fans, it took me like 20 mins to get thru to crowds to buy something to eat.
Matt Mays = Yes
Jose Gonzalez = Yes

Day 2:
I actually ran around to like every stage to get shot of whoever was playing.
Also the first day of trying to score autographs.
I already seen Royal Wood like 2 weeks before when he played at Black Sheep Inn.
Wintersleep was amazing but I missed their song Weighty Ghost since I got to take photos of Feist. I did hear Archaeologist.
Lucky enough to get the lead singer of Wintersleep's autograph.
Feist kind of annoyed me because she had low lighting and trying to be a “imitate show” MY ASS!. I did get to hear Mushaboom, My Moon My Man and So Sorry.
Wintersleep = Yes
Feist = No

Day 3:
I felt it was a mix bag of different genre of music.
Black Sheep Stage was all Six Shooters artist playing the stage.
First I heard Christine Fellows and she was great.
Then Justin Ruteledge and I was getting abit mellowed out besides the sun and heat.
At that point I wasn't getting into the music.
I saw abit of Jenn Grant which was good but I had to run over to see Ladytron who were playing in 15 mins that day.
Saw Andrea and co there.
First time hearing them I was amazed by their sound and after my “3 song” set of taking their photo. I hung with Andrea and co.
I was like I need to loosen up and dance big time. I knew I missed Luke Doucet, I was whatever, he comes to Ottawa like 2-3 times. Ladytron doesn't.
Ladytron made my day.
After Ladytron I went back to Black Sheep Stage to cover Elliott Brood since I heard good things about them.
Also I met this other photographer and he got me backstage.
My brother told me that the lady with the red and white dress is Melissa McClelland.
She was backstage and I said to her “I missed you and your husband's set because I was at Ladytron and I wanted to shake my err butt”. She was nice and funny because I wanted to say ass but I wanted to be polite and she said “You can say ass”. I got her autograph on my photo pass.
Elliott Brood was great live and I got their autograph.
I never expected alot of people to see them
Then it was the Six Shooter Finale and it was bang on amazing.
It was like a mini party on the stage.
It wasn't boring as I expected from early in the day.
Ladytron = YES!

Day 4:
It was another mixed bag.
Apparently I kind of gotten special pass because I knew this band called Poorfolk.
I took their photos awhile ago when they opened up for Plants and Animals at Zaphods.
I was happy to take photos.
They are interesting people and their music good.
Justin Nozuka I only hung for like 1 and half song because it wasn't my thing and alot of screaming girls.
United Steel Workers of Montreal was great and I didn't stay long because I had to run to Rogers Stage to cover Hollerado using my “pass”.
Then Ania called me to meet up so we walked around and checked out the last 2 songs of That 1 Guy.
It was intersting, funny and cool.
Then we went to Rogers Stage and waited for Infected Mushroom.
Alot of people that Ania and I knew was there.
I had to leave Ania so I can take photos of IM.
It was crazy, I decided to go back to the crowds and just say there was some people I didn't want to see and I had to do my fake hello.
After that I ran over to check out The Acorn (must been my 5th time seeing them)
Catherine Russell was great
When Weakerthans came up, I seem really out of it.
I guess later on it just gotten mellow.
Poorfolk = Yes
Hollerado = Yes
USWM = Yes
IM = Yes
The Acorns = Yes
Catherine Russell = Yes
Weakerthan = So-so



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