Bluesfest *FULL REVIEW* pt 2

Day 5:
Didn't go, I already seen The D'urbervilles before.

Day 6:
Happened to be my favorite and insane one.
Only bad side was I missed out abit of Born Ruffians and I missed Tokyo Police Club.
It was the Arts & Crafts family minus Feist.
Besides deal with territorial teenagers who have no manners and only cared for seeing Stars.
It was very crazy.
Before Jason went on the stage I saw him standing around and I almost had a heart attack and got him to sign my photo pass since I don't have CD nor want to buy his album.
Jason Collett was iffy for me until he sang Fire and I started singing that song
Andrea kind of saw me singing it 😛
Ran over to see Born Ruffians and I bought their album and got all 3 signatures.
Kind of sucks I missed their whole set.

The Most Serene Republic was amazing as always and I think the lead singer was alot crazier than the show they did at Zaphods.

When Stars went stage I was happy to see them again but I didn't want to go back in the crowds.
So I decided to hang backstage and I was worried about getting caught until I was talking to this girl and she happened to have a extra sticker pass and I was relieved.
That got some people who saw me at the backstage envious or jealous 😛

It was the best night for Bluesfest.
F**k Fergie as Torq will say.
Stars, Jason Collett and Most Serene Republic = YES!!!!!!!!


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