My 4 days of Music Mayhem

I should do my review on where I've been for the past 4 days

On Sunday and Monday I've decided to go to Montreal and attend Osheaga Festival.
It was my first time there and I was GLAD that I went.
I missed last year's event and they had such a great line-up.

The first day I was late because the hostel I was staying didn't do reservation until 2pm.
So I missed out Louis XIV, Sleepercar, Wooden Sky and N*E*R*D.
I got there at 3:30pm and waited in line to buy my ticket.
I ran my butt off to get to this stage because Plants and Animals were playing
I get there and they were singing Lola Who? and it was like deja vu for me since the stage looked alot like Black Sheep Stage at Bluesfest and almost wearing the same clothes too.
I hope they win the Polaris Prize this year. I just missed Tom Fun Orchestra since they played the same time.

After P&A I ran over to another stage which is the big stage to see Metric.
Apparently they were not able to play at 5pm because the stage beside it had Spiritualized and they didn't end until like 5:15-5:25pm
Their set was really short because of it but at least they played their popular songs.
But didn't sing Combat Baby.
After that I waited for Cat Power, the stage beside it was Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings.
I was listening to them and they were amazing, I could have went to that stage and see them but I didn't want to lose my spot for Cat Power.
After they finished Cat Power went on stage.
She didn't sing The Greatest which I was disappointed, she sang alot of songs I didn't know but she had alot of emotion when she sang. It was interesting to see Emily Haines and Plants and Animals backstage/vip area watching Cat Power play live.
Kind of pissed that I should have seen Devotchka instead since I haven't heard of them but I know that Basia Bulat opened up for them when she did her US tour.
Walked around and got food.
I've decided to check out The Killers and man was it crowded.
They put a great show considering I was abit skeptical since a friend told me when they played in Ottawa before they got really big, they sucked badly and another friend who saw them in Toronto were amazing when they were big.
I was glad to see them and I left after they sang Mr.Brightside.
I went to another stage to check out The National Parc and they were fun to dance to
End of Day 1

The second day, I first act I saw was Jamie Lidell and he always put on a great show.
I was suppose to see Matt Costa but I decided to go get CSS's autograph instead.
When will I get a chance to get an band/artist's autograph and it was a good opportunity.
They were laid back people and funny too.
Saw abit of The Kills and they were interesting live.
I did glance The Weakerthans and it seemed like deja vu again beside John K Samson wearing the same t-shirt from Bluesfest. And the performance was the same from Bluesfest.
I was going to check out MGMT but they were taking a long time with the sound check and decided the hell with it because I wanted to get Matt Costa's autograph.
I lied to him that I loved his set but I did hear him during my wait for CSS's autograph.
I went to the main stage and went to see Duffy.
I was like being nice to people since everyone wanted to see Jack Johnson and they were fine about it since I said I didn't really want to see him.
When she came on I was like wow and she was soo amazing live.
Love her song Warwick Avenue. She was the only artist I wanted to see badly :P.
After that checked out Broken Social Scene. I almost had a heart attack because Amy Millan was there but no Emily Haines or Feist. The last BSS show I went it was all the guys and it was great to see a female on the stage with them.
Great rocking show they did.
Went to see CSS and I was there for like 5 songs
They did sing Music Is My Hot Hot Sex. It was a fun show they put on.
I went to see Bonjour Brumaire and me being clueless in french really like the show and decided to support them since they did come to Ottawa to a less than stellar show.
I did see Chromeo and I just got there when they played Tendoroni.
After that it was my end for my fun at Osheaga.
I would have thought of meeting Montreal people but I met alot of Ottawa people.
It seems alot of people that went were from Ottawa. Guessing Ottawa definitely needs alot of good bands/artist to come to Ottawa.

On Tuesday I went to see Matt Costa again.
Well technically I got to finally see him play live since I lied to him about his set 😛
It was a really great show. Crazy some times because people are drunk.
Incident happened when he sang Mr.Pitiful, he fell off the stage. I guess he got too intense when he played the keyboards.
I like the intimate show he put on in Ottawa.

Last night I went to Zaphods to check out Bruce Peninsula, Poorfolk and The Got To Get Got.
Bruce Peninsula I saw them back in November where they opened up for The Acorn at Barrymores.
They put a great show and they were missing 2 people in the group which were Katie Stelmanis since she is touring with her stuff and Casey from Ohbijou.
I finally talked to them because I was too shy and nervous last time. They are really nice people and they seemed kind of surprised that I wanted their autograph 😛
Poorfolk is great and they are nice lads.
Go get their album from this Ottawa band.
The Get To Get Got was great and they played a energetic set.
The crowd was small considering many people were at Radiohead in Montreal.
Well doesn't matter it was a great show.

I am going to be on a music burnt out soon


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