Show last night

I am happy and glad that I went to see Ohbijou and The Acorn at Barrymores
What a show it was.

I know someone is going to be mad at me now on Facebook since I've stated on my status what a show it was and having photos up there

Curious just click here

I know the OC Transpo strike is getting on everyone's nerve including me.
I guess it did kind of serve a good purpose.
Previous post as I was in a pissy mood that I would miss this show for a “gala”.
So I kind of lied and said I had no way to get to downtown.
No way I would want to taxi my way.
Or the people at the gala to use my pay for the taxi. Ya right no way, want to be paid for my service not for the transportation.
Still miffed at them because I never got any details on what the gala is about.
Who will I be dealing with, what to wear and all that stuff.
Just was “Hey Ming, do you think you can take photos for a party gala?”
Being naive just say yes.
I need to think carefully next time if I should be serious on taking jobs like that.

What's the worst, burn bridges or be black-listed?

Glad my brother's friend drove us downtown and skipped that snooty gala which I saw on Facebook.
Well maybe 1-2 people would be mad that I said yes and backed out.
What can you do if the buses were on strike.

But great that I got to see The Acorn and Ohbijou play in Ottawa.

Not sure if that was a good or bad thing I did?


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