My New Year’s Resolution for 2009

Its almost NYE and ringing in 2009
I should put down a list for my New Year’s Resolution
Maybe harsh but who is going to read what I have to say

My resolution:

  • Try to move on and stop focusing on the past.
  • Too many blogs and I should focus on this blog and that blog
  • Stop hanging around people who are no good for myself, like to cause drama, think highly of them and play mind games.
  • Be more healthy and try to take up yoga (if OC Transpo workers stop striking)
  • I should let people go up to me if they want to talk then myself going up to them and talk like crazy.
  • Stop jumping the gun/saying yes for comittments too early.
  • Accept for who I am, if your friends can’t accept them then tough.
  • Remind myself that I can’t please everyone.
  • Hopefully try to write a novel or short story.

I think that is it for my New Year’s Resolution.


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Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

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