Mayfair theatre

With the stupid bus strike that is on going.
There is one event that I missed out.
It was the grand re-opening of the Mayfair Theatre on Jan 2, 2009 .
I haven’t been to it in ages, one being where its located and I’ve been mostly going to the Bytowne Theatre because its easy to get to and always playing the new arthouse films.

The only memories I had with Mayfair Theatre was when I was a kid.
Back in the mid 1980s, my mom would take me and my brother on a Sunday afternoon and watch films from Hong Kong.
You know as a kid you weren’t into watching movies.
But I guess I got used to it.
Mostly we went to see the funny movies.
Sometimes the action and the dramatic ones.

I hope I can find someone who knows the history of the theatre and why they stopped playing the Hong Kong films.
I think it was great for the Ottawa chinese community to see movies from Hong Kong.

I remember watching An Autumn’s Tale.
The one with Chow Yun Fat and it was filmed in New York City.
I guess you can say that was the first Chow Yun Fat film I’ve seen.
No I haven’t seen “A Better Tomorrow”.
But I did see his other movie “Dream Lovers”
Boy that movie kind of terrified me at the end but my mom covered my eyes.
I also remember watching a Amour Of God, the Jackie Chan movie.

I also can’t believe I sort of seen “A Chinese Ghost Story”
But I was dozing on and off to sleep.

I don’t remember what year that Mayfair Theatre stopped showing them or when my mom didn’t take us there anymore.

To think about it, it was great to see Hong Kong films in the theatre than at home on TV and have to rent them out from Chinese Movie stores in Chinatown.

Those were the good years when Hong Kong films were great.

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