The Last Emperor on Criterion Blu-Ray

Since getting a Blu-Ray player, watching movies has never been that great.
So far got the Dark Knight on Blu-Ray and it looks and sounds amazing.
Still no insight in getting Chungking Express on Criterion Blu-Ray.
Decided to get the Last Emperor on Blu-Ray
Why do you ask? Its Criterion and want to see how excellent they do on the film.
The only difference is that the Blu-Ray and 1 DVD version is the 165 minute version while there is a 4 DVD set which has the theatrical version plus the TV extended version.

I was 7 or 8 when I saw it in theatre which my dad had to drag me. (Just say when I was a kid I never got to seeing alot of films until I was like 13)
But now it makes alot of sense since it won alot of Oscar and kind of a biopic of the “Last Emperor” of China.

The only thing that kind of bugs me besides the excellent Peter O’Toole. Just that the whole movie is in english and I am like there is no way that everyone in China spoke english.
Yes I know its a movie. I rather have realism than alot of imagination.
Well its directed by Bernardo Bertolucci so you can’t make no fault there.

Overall with the Blu-Ray, the image is so amazing, the sound is amazing.
Criterion is excellent quailty when it comes to movies.
What can you expect more from Blu-Ray.

If you are a film buff or love Bernardo Bertolucci’s work its a must.
If you aren’t into arthouse film than you would be bored to tears.

Just wish Criterion would release more or get Hong Kong films in their catalog.
They have alot of Japanese films.
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