One More Day Left!

Its one more day left until “President Elect” Obama will finally become president.
Tomorrow will be the Inaugural ceremony.
As a Canadian, I am excited that there will be a change in American politics.
I was watching SNL on Saturday night and Seth Myers made it perfectly clear with the countdown and the audience was going crazy about it.
Just not sure which channel should I watch this historic moment?
Watch it on CBC or NBC or ABC or CBS or CNN
I wish was in Washington D.C. to see this crazy event.
Probably better to see it on TV.
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About Ming Wu

Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

One response to “One More Day Left!”

  1. Obama Guy says :

    Change is going to happen tomorrow and it could not come at a better time. I’m a little nervous since I am a real estate investor but if I have to change direction while the country gets back on track, that is much more important. I’ll be glued to the tv all day.

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