Lost – Jughead

I was listening to CBC’s Q today and they had their “Tube Team” and discussing on why shows like LOST are losing their viewers. 
Typically being a bad break-up with your favourite TV show.
It was a interesting discussion.

Anyways I thought tonight’s episode was great.
This time the episode Jughead dealt more on the remaining survivors on the island during the whole light flashing time warp. 
Favorite Sawyer nickname was he called Faraday “The Geek” and Its a “I’m an Other, and another Other reunion” (which made me laugh)

While last week he called Charlotte “Ginger”.

There is so many twist and turns with LOST.
Never thought something happened in the island in 1954! 

At least it was great to hear the actor who plays “Mr.Widmore” speak in his British accent, since he was on Ugly Betty and The OC while using an American accent.

Just leaves me hanging and wanting more.

Actually made sense on the episode title “Jughead“, you’ll have to watch it and find out what I mean.
Have to wait next week.
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