Dear CTV.

Dear CTV.
We know that the Winter Olympics in Vancouver is 1 year away.
Would you stop showing your stupid Olympics bumpers of each athletes with your stupid cheesy Olympic music before every commercial break?
I’m sorry its really annoying with the repetitive crap they do.
Is it going to make us care about the athletes or more ratings boost with their network?
We get the point. And with troubling times with the economy, we can’t deal with such nonsense with our athletes with they are going to win any medals at this point of time.
Yes its our Canadian pride to win a medal at the Games but now is not a good time.
And if we do then we are going to over expect our athletes and be a repeat of the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing.
Please stop showing those stupid bumpers Ad nauseam.
Also hearing the news awhile ago that Vancouver doesn’t have the money to finish constructing the “Athlete’s Village” says alot with troubled times.
Also people don’t really care about the games since its corruption and maybe people were turned off by the Figure Skating controversy a few years back.
I think CTV should find a better way with nonsense crap.
Look at NBC they haven’t shown any promos of the Winter Olympics. That is because its the USA.
CBC never showed endless promos when they did the Summer Games.
Stop showing them.


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