First Annual Capital Cupcake Camp

Capital Cupcake CampWho would have thought that today would the first annual Capital Cupcake Camp be a success.
Even with the rain people came just get a sweet tooth fix.
Got there very early and was surprised by the line up for the bakers.
Snap some shots of various cupcakes.
When the event started, I didn’t know the room filled up with alot of people.
Various ages, kids, teenagers, parents and the elderly.
This was an event for everyone.
Capital Cupcake Camp
Didn’t get to chaotic which was good thing.
Still amazes me that 3000 cupcakes were entered.
After the fifth batch I was terribly full.
At least I bought some tupperware to save the nice ones for home.
Or if I can’t eat any.
It was hard to pick which was my favorite because I like anything that is chocolate.

The one I didn’t like was the meatloaf cupcake.
As in actual meat in it.
They used potato as icing but it had a jam in the centre.
Unique but abit weird to eat it.

Congrats to Nicole LeDrew who help made this event a success.
Also those volunteers who made this possible.

Even with the rainy day, people came in droves to eat some cupcakes and have a good time.
Nice to meet new people since my friends didn’t want to go.

For more information go to
Photos are here.
Capital Cupcake Camp


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Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

6 responses to “First Annual Capital Cupcake Camp”

  1. madalina says :

    I am struggling to get out of my sugar coma!


  2. Nikita says :

    Thanks Ming!!! So glad you were able to make it!
    Ian, Andrew, Tanya and I had a great time organizing it and seeing it come to life! 🙂

  3. Naz says :

    i love the warning/disclaimer…….

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