BC Scene: Swarm

BC Scene: SwarmLast night I went to check out the first night of the BC Scene.
It was the Swarm event and it was free to check it out.

I had a sort of nice time.
Despite confusions and delays with the shuttle buses going to which art venues.
There was one shuttle which apparently was for “VIP”, not impressed.

The first place I went was the National Art Gallery and checked out Scott McFarland.
When I got to the entrance of the exhibit there was a nice painting.
His works was very interesting and nice large prints.
But I was like anyone can do that.
Also there were some photographs that didn’t take place in BC.
Upstairs was the Nomads sections and it was very contemporary artsy.

I have to say that was my favorite part in the arts section for the BC Scene.

After that went to a Hull gallery.
It wasn’t much, there was like four exhibits.
There was one I sort of like which was a installation that looked like someone’s backyard.
I didn’t spend much because I was starving and ate some food.

After that went to the Arts Court.
There was alot of nice paints.
There some sculptures which was sort of weird.

BC Scene: Swarm

One of the three boxes: Death

Then went to the NAC and it was where the fun was starting.
I got free BC wine which I got from a fortune cookie.
There was a DJ playing techno music.

There was three boxes.
One was I call an interview
Second was death
Third was a relationship.
I went to the first one and it was very weird.
I laugh when the box dropped and had a loud thump.


Interesting videoclips that BC Scene volunteers did

There was a aboriginal thing happening.
This lady sat on a chair and had alot of newspaper.
The final outcome that she looked like a queen.

There was interesting video clips fromt he Swarm event and txt msg (which I didn’t read).
Apparent I was videotaped but I didn’t see myself (Good thing I didn’t and it would have awkward).

Then finally went to Club Saw and it was a after party.
Very fun and danced to some of the music they played.

Go check out BC Scene‘s website for details on the upcoming weeks.


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