Review: Found Magazine – The Demin & Diamonds Tours

May 13th was a fun evening for myself, I went to Raw Sugar Cafe (second time in 1 day).
Attended Found Magazine‘s The Demin and Diamonds 2009 Tour.
I went last year at the Avant Garde Bar and was surprise by the turnout.
For those that don’t know, Found Magazine is a magazine created by Davey and Peter Rothbart from Ann Arbour, Michigan.
The magazine is a work of collected notes, photos, and other interesting items and publishes them in an irregularly-issued magazine, in books, and on its website.

Notes can be arrange from love notes, grocery list to insane confessionals.
This year was great and a better venue to hold it.
I think good word of mouth is making this a popular annual event.
So popular that they added a second showing for those that couldn’t make it for 7:30pm showing.
The event was presented by Victoire Clothing store.
Forgot the two ladies names but they were very nice and great in getting Davey and Peter up to Ottawa.

Doors opened abit earlier then expected.
Davey came on and read his favorites.
Everyone had a great time and there was alot of laughter.

Then Peter came on and sang songs that were inspired by the notes they received.
Funny ones and one sad one that dealt with a this woman’s miscarriages.
Of course the last one he sang was “The Booty Don’t Stop”.
Totally hilarious but very catchy.
This woman bought they kid and that kid was bouncing to that song.
Great part when Davey read like a 12 minute story about his mother and how her being deaf affected his life in the least likely way.

I picked up issue six of Found magazine.
Totally funny when I was reading it.
I asked Davy how they read all the mails they receive. He said they have friends and even his mother checks the mails they get.
Also picked up Davey’s book “The Lone Surfer of Montana, Kansas” which apparently Steve Buscemi will make a film adaptation from it.

Its great that Found Magazine can get people involved in finding people’s lost written work and turn it into something artsy unique.

Go to their website and check it out.
Go and submit/send something you found.

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