Review: Skydive and Act 2 of Nevermore

It was my first night to check out the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.
The show I saw was Skydive.

The use of the equipment to make both character not touch the ground and floating up in the air.
I like the 80s pop music which was played.
Like a Prayer, Jump by Van Halen and Sunglasses at Night was played

I felt some parts dragged in certain scenes with the two guys talking forever.
Kind of made it confusing and unnerving.

It was a nice play but just the ending was a surprise and a downer.

After that I met up with Jessica Ruano and snuck into the second act of Nevermore.
Its a musical about Edgar Allan Poe’s life.
Very funny and sad with a dark gothic feel to it.
Costumes were very nice and had that “Tim Burton” feel.
Since it was the only time I got to see this show and missed out the first act.
Its one of those shows you have to see at the Magnetic North Festival.
After the show I got to stay for the talkback  sessions (basically a Q&A).
I got to ask a question about the costumes and it was all made of sticks, paper and glue and whatever.
It was a great show.

Check out Jessica’s review of Day 1.
Check out Jessica’s review of Day 2.
Check out Sterling Lynch’s review.

Went to the after party at Club Saw.
Guess who I saw? I saw Don McKellar!
I was so starstruck and at least I saw another friend and we both went up to him.
I was so nervous and talked like an idiot.
The photo should be up soon since its really late typing this up.




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