The Drowsy Chaperone – Choir Practice

Choir Practice @ Glebe St.James ChurchRecovering from wearing out my vocal chords.
I came back from the Glebe St.James United Church in Ottawa.
I attended a choir practice for the Drowsy Chaperone.
Hosted and taught by Greg Morrison and Don McKellar.
Still part of the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.
It was a fun experience for me who doesn’t know anything about theatre.
A glimpse of what to expect when The Drowsy Chaperone will be shown at the NAC in October.

The song that were featured were:
Fancy Dress
As We Stumble Along

I felt abit awkward with my singing abilities.
The people that attended know how to sing or properly know the soundtrack word by word.
It was totally a new thing for me since I am musically illiterate.
It was a fun time singing those song.
Choir Practice @ Glebe St.James Church
What amazed me more was seeing Don McKellar do the character, Adolpho.
Felt so surreal seeing him act and sing in front of the people.
Totally blew my mind away. Words can’t explain when you see an actor act.
Probably the starstruck factor kicks in.
Choir Practice @ Glebe St.James Church
Overall it was a great experience to understand how people love this show.
Now I can’t wait to see it in October.

Have to say for those that missed out, you missed out something so special.


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