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It was my last night to check out the Magnetic North Theatre Festival.
The play that I saw was the Trudeau Stories written and performed by Brooke Johnston.
A one person play about the actress real life encounter with the former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau during the mid 1980s.
It was an amazing play and wasn’t aware that it was a true story on her life.
Loved that in the beginning that she remembers the first time meeting Pierre Trudeau at a school dance.
The songs that they played were Duran Duran‘s Rio and Spandau Ballet‘s True.
It was a different side of Pierre Trudeau we haven’t heard about.
Besides of how the media portrayed him to be.
Had that nostalgic feeling to it for those that were around when Pierre Trudeau was alive.
This play is very light hearted, funny and emotional.
I definitely enjoyed it.

Afterwards, I went to the after party at Club Saw.
I got a chance to meet and talk to Brooke Johnston.
Said that I really enjoyed the play and she was happy to hear that.
She said how I knew about the play and I said I think it was on CBC’s Q and she said it was on Q back in November.
She also asked me how I knew about this festival and I said a friend told me to check it out.
Mentioned to her that I really loved her in the Sweet Hereafter and she said that is an amazing movie to watch.
I have to say Brooke Johnston is such a nice and gracious person to meet in real life.

Trudeau Stories is playing at the NAC until June 13th.
Its definitely not to miss out!


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