Review: Zen Kitchen

Tonight I went to Zen Kitchen which is a all vegetarian restaurant in Ottawa.
They opened up new locations on Somerset.
I went with a group of friends, well mostly it was a club called “Supper Club” where we go once a month to try out a restaurant and have a great time chatting and eating the food.
The restaurant inside was nice and spacious.
The tables was great too, the owner was telling us that it was custom made.
Also there was a camera crew because the owners of the restaurant were filming for a 13 episode reality TV show based on the success of the restaurant.
Somehow I really didn’t noticed them but I was like whatever.

OK ok for those wanting to know.
I had Thai-style lemongrass curry with seasonal vegetables, edamame and kafir-scented jasmine rice.
It was amazingly good, there was a bit of a cinnamon taste but I loved it.
It wasn’t spicy and I like the milky curry taste.

For dessert I had the peach-ginger cobbler with bourbon caramel sauce.
It was to die for.

I really enjoyed this restaurant.
It is an alternative if you aren’t into eating meat.
I heard people who are vegetarian/vegan really like this place.

The price is mid-range so its not to expensive.
I recommend that should check it out.


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Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

One response to “Review: Zen Kitchen”

  1. Don says :

    Enjoyed reading the account of your dining at Zen Kitchen, about a month after it opened.

    Are there more than one locations of Zen Kitchen on Somerset? I have only passed by the one beside the Yen Fung Ding dumpling house.

    As you are a far better photographer than either of us at, I would love to see bigger pictures.

    To add a little background, Chef Ishii’s Zen Kitchen has existed for years. Originally, she only held events for small parties monthly. Several were held at Urban Element in Hintonburg/Wellington West. I am glad she opened a dedicated restaurant. Ottawa could definitely use a dedicated higher end vegetarian/vegan restaurant.

    Jenn and I have yet to go to Zen Kitchen, but it is on our list of to try.


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