My Top 10 HK movies of the decade

Its New Year’s Eve today and we are saying goodbye for 2009.
It is also the end of a great decade.
So I shall make my Top 10 Hong Kong movies of the decade.

  1. In The Mood For Love (2000)

  2. Didn’t know that this movie actually came out in 2000. This is Wong Kar-Wai at his best. Imagery of the 60s is luscious, story telling is simple and how lovely the movie looks.

  3. Infernal Affairs (2002)

  4. Triad crime thriller sort of revived the Hong Kong film industry. Which was remade for Hollywood called The Departed. I prefer Infernal Affairs over the Hollywood remake.

  5. Needing You (2000)

  6. Funny comedy and showed that Sammi can acted and why we loved her.

  7. Hero (2002)
  8. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)
  9. Golden Chicken (2002)

  10. The last 10 minutes of the movie is priceless just hearing that Danny Chan song.

  11. Lost In Time (2003)

  12. Cecilia can show she can really do drama in this heart-wrenching film.

  13. Running On Karma (2003)

  14. During the height of SARS, this movie is still enjoyable to watch and its sad at the end.

  15. Funeral March (2001)
  16. 2046 (2004)

  17. Took him nearly five years to make. Its a sequel to In The Mood For Love. Great to see Faye Wong in this film and nearly less than 5 minutes with Tony and Carina.


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One response to “My Top 10 HK movies of the decade”

  1. David says :

    Appreciate the link. Always nice to see another WKW fan.

    Good list you have here! I’ve only seen half (the obvious ones). I’ll be eager to check out the others.

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