10th Doctor’s Regeneration scene (SPOILERS)

David Tennant and Matt Smith in Doctor Who

Image by lisby1 via Flickr

For those that haven’t seen part 2 of Doctor Who’s “The End Of Time”.
Here is the final moments when he regenerates into a new form.
Sure bought a tear to my eye.
Overall it was an superb well written episode.
Have to say the last 15 minutes was just so heartbreaking and sad.
Won’t say much but it was must see TV moment.
It won’t be the same without David Tennant but I will still watch the new series when the new actor takes over being the Doctor.
Also its an end of the Russell T.Davies reign of writing and making of the revival of Doctor Who.
Reminded when I watched the first Doctor (ie 60s B&W version) and he had to say goodbye to the original companions Barbara and Ian.
Its like a fresh new start when the new series comes out on Spring 2010.
So what is your overall opinion of this episode and the new Doctor?


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2 responses to “10th Doctor’s Regeneration scene (SPOILERS)”

  1. C.L. Mareydt says :

    Fantastic! Doctor Who fan from beginning to end old & new!


  2. Łowiczanka says :

    Following up on the Doctor’s regeneration,
    I’ve posted a couple of new Doctor Who blogs:
    Waiting for the Doctor…
    Regeneration of the Doctor
    (I’ve added a few things to this blog since it appeared on my other blog site)

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