What’s wrong with Heroes?

Heroes was one of the most promising and refreshing shows to come out of NBC in 2006.
On the height of ABC’s LOST.
NBC needed something intriguing on the like of LOST.
The show had a great concept on using a comic book style show.
How normal people started having special abilities.
Very much like X-Men but somewhat realistic.
The story was dark, great writing and greatly acted.
It stuck to one storyline with not alot of side stories.
Season 1 (aka Volume 1) of Heroes was so phenomenon it bought NBC back in the ratings game.
The stars of the show were in high demand.
Everyone was going crazy on Season 1 of Heroes.
When the season finale happened it left off with a great cliff hanger.

Then Season 2 (aka Volume 2) happened and the first episode had a great start.
But something happened and started to get sloppy.
What went wrong:

  • Hiro’s ancient Japan storyline dragged a long time.
  • Added alot of characters that had nothing to do or know what to do
  • Less on the powers
  • Sylar being the usual villan
  • The Writer’s Strike happened

Season 3 (Volume 3 and 4) came along and things were somewhat getting better.
But some fans felt burned from season two and after the Writer’s Strike ended, didn’t want to watch anything.

Now with season 4 (Volume 5), things are getting better but its wasn’t the same from season one.
The Carnival storyline is great but its beginning to drag.
The new character I have really like is Emma Coolidge, played by Deanne Bray.
Because she is deaf in real life and is a great actress if you watched the show Sue Thomas F.B Eye.
If they killed her off, I would be totally stop watching Heroes.
There is something about her that is so great to see.

My main concern and comment is:
Its getting old and we need a new villan.
Stop doing alot of unanswered questions.
Its becoming a revolving door of the same storyline.

Now there is rumors of Heroes being canned.
So what do you suggest that the writers/producers of the show should do?


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