Edward Burtynsky @ Carleton University

A favorite one in the China series.

Jan 10th I decided to go to Carleton University to see Edward Burtynsky’s lecture at Carleton University.
When I got to the Tory Building there was alot of people waiting in line for ticket and getting in the auditorium.
I was very lucky enough to get a ticket.
Apparently I was hoping for the 2pm lecture but they decided to add a second one for the overwhelming public that loves his works.
Ivana Borojevic of Ennuie was there and I let her join in and not make her lose a spot for this lecture.
Killing time, Ivana opened up the book she bought which was CHINA.
We were discussing how amazing the photos looked and talked in depth on analyzing the downside to China. It was kind of depressing knowing the current situation.
Then some girl who is a international student from China and she looked at the book too.
Ivana and her were talking about China and stuff.
While some on-lookers were curious about the book.

One of Edward Burtynsky's China photographs. One of my favorites.

The people running the show let everyone who had tickets come in.
It was overwhelming and all the seats were filled in.
He got on way with the lecture since he was surprised with the turnout.
With the second lecture, he had to cut out the introduction and started off showing off the slides of his works.
It wasn’t all on China, he showed off photograph which he began which was the railcuts in British Columbia.
Then to Minings to Tailings to Quarries to Urban Mines to China and lastly Oil Ships.

This is an example of tailing. The stuff is Nickel not lava.

The audience was enthralled by the images and the story behind it.
It sort of made me aware of the world we are living in.
Hearing about the Oil Sands was kind of grim to hear.
Which made sense about the political debate/situation about it.
The parts of China made me want to go there.
I’ve been to Hong Kong but that is it.

It was a enjoyable lecture.
So good that I decided to get his autograph on my Moleskine notebook.
While Iva got the China book autographed too.
With the second lecture being quick, he had to leave by 4:30pm to fly to Washington DC.
Hope he will come back to Ottawa.
His photographs of China is on display in Carleton U’s Art Gallery.
I will try and check it out personally.


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  1. Steve says :

    How did I not hear about this?

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