Canteen items + Picturama

As I mentioned in previous post that Canteen is becoming a second home due to Bands Undone.

There is an one night event I want people to attend and participate.
Picturama is a one time event on February 2, 2010.

Here is the details from their website.
Picture Canteen’s walls covered in 4×6 photos. They’re your friends, your pets, your camel trek in Mali, your street art, your child’s shadow puppets and those adoring photos of your bike. They all belong in your submission to Picturama!, Canteen’s spicy winter no-theme photo fiasco.
Whether you’re professional, amateur or not-too-sure, Canteen will display your work and handle sales at $1/piece, while you drink, relax and bask in the glory of your work.
All you have to do…

  • Drop off an envelope of 20 4×6 photographs (numbered with your name on the back) by January 31, 2010. Any subject, any date, any compact point –and-shoot camera.
  • Enjoy the show, purchase some $1 originals, drink with friends and sell some of your own!

Decided to purchase this item at Canteen.
It is a glass water bottle by “tap water
I know you can get them anywhere.
I just like the design of it and the info on the bottle.
Here is what they look like.

While there is this poster I still need to get.


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