Ottawa needs a Nuit Blanche

Nuit Blanche event in Toronto, Canada

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Nuit Blanche for those that don’t know is an annual all-night arts festival.
It happens all over Europe and so far Montreal and Toronto has done a Nuit Blanche.
I think Ottawa should try doing a Nuit Blanche.
I never been to a Nuit Blanche.
Which is why there is a Facebook group demanding Ottawa should start a Nuit Blanche.
It will show that Ottawa is a cultural diverse city.
We have alot of arts and culture show off than being a uptight conservative government city.
It will bring it alot of money to the city.
Also nice to see some cool light shows.
Hopefully there will be great entertainment happening around.

Not to get all “Debbie Downer”.
The only problems that might arise are:

  • Ottawa Bylaws
  • Needing police protection
  • Complaints from homeowners/property owners
  • People getting drunk and causing some trouble
  • Funding for Nuit Blanche
  • If people are willing to stay up all night

Problems aside, if its a go ahead.
It would be a fun and positive thing for Ottawa.

Here is a video from Ryan Stec.

This is just my opinion.


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