Kitschy Kitchen – May 18th (Photos)

On May 18th I went to Mercury Lounge/The Collection.
It was a event called Kitschy Kitchen.
Ivana Borojevic who is the chef at the Collection, decided to make some Dutch food in part of House Of Orange.

Sorry I didn’t take any photos of the food.
But she did an absolute job in making them.
I really love the Saute tofu, Saute pork(?), the cheeses, meatballs, shrimp chips and the wieners.
It was great to see friends of Ivana come by.
After that people headed upstairs to the Mercury Lounge, where they showed the short documentary by Luca.
It was how Ivana was preparing in making the foods.
It was an entertaining documentary.
Here are the some of the photos.

Ashton asking a question on the short documentary.

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