Why LOST was so good??

One of the greatest show to come out in 2004 will be coming to an end on May 23, 2010.
I am talking about LOST.
Its sort of a semi-spoiler on the most intriguing shows to come out on ABC.
LOST changed TV landscape and gave ABC a boost in ratings.
Its one of the few remaining scripted shows in a vast of crappy reality shows.
Why has the show resonated with so many viewers?
Leaving out the Smoke Monsters, Polar Bears, Teleporting, Ghost, Time traveling and the “ISLAND”.
The show is well directed, written and of course well acted.
The characters are so relate able and believable.
Made unknown actors and actress very popular and in high demand.
Revived the careers of Matthew Fox who was best known in Party of Five.

What was interesting about the show was it came in post 9/11, so sensitivity levels were low.
The show was more of a social dynamics and commentary on having people of different ethnicity and social classes.
Have a plane crash on an exotic island and having ways to survive.
Seeing the dynamics to how each characters react to each other.
For example you have Sawyer the typical redneck giving everyone nicknames and doesn’t care what people feel about him.
Kate is not your typical pretty face female and has a dark side.
Sayid is not your typical Middle Eastern and is just a normal person, not a terrorist.
Sun and Jin is not the typical Asians and are normal people.
Only difference is that they are not Chinese, they are Korean.
The show also dealt with healing of science vs fate.
You have Jack who is more on the science side.
While Locke is more on the fate side.
For six season the viewers have grown to love or hate the characters.
Have a emotional attachment to them.
With the success of LOST, there were alot of imitators like “HEROES”, “FLASHFORWARD” and “Desperate Housewives” (with its Flashforwards)
LOST had its “WHAT THE HELL!” or “OMG!” moments.
With its flashback and flashforwards, it just gave you a sense on how each characters were connected to one another.
All the mysteries of the show will be solved on May 23rd.
How many people will be glued to the set?
Comment on why you think LOST was so good?
Is it one of the best shows to come out from the second coming of the “GOLDEN AGE OF TV“?
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2 responses to “Why LOST was so good??”

  1. Ronan Murk says :

    I couldn’t bring myself to read past this:

    “Leaving out the Smoke Monsters, Polar Bears, Teleporting, Ghost, Time traveling and the “ISLAND”…”

    Uhunh, let’s leave the religion bit out and talk about Christianity. I’m glad you enjoyed LOST. Personally, I want my 6 years back.

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