Fashion Rocks 2.0 (Part 2)

Here is part 2 of the photos from the runway.
Fashion Rocks 2.0 happened on May 22, 2010.
Took place at Ritual.
It was fun and crazy that night.
Music section of the show.
Music section part 2
Pre-show/Behind the scenes.
Behind the scenes 2
Part 1 of the runway.
Here are the photos.
More to come.


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About Ming Wu

Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

2 responses to “Fashion Rocks 2.0 (Part 2)”

  1. chichichic says :

    such great photos, looks like a fun event!



  2. Lucas David says :

    Is There Any Way Possible You Guys Could Said Me The Pics Of That Random Dude That Went Up On Stage With The White Hat? Be Much Appreciated, Will Only Take You A Couple Mins Of Your Time.


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