LOST aired its final episode on May 23, 2010.
From the previous post I wrote on why the show was so good.
It was must see TV and emotional weep fest.
Did anyone had to use a box of tissues?
So far people either loved it or totally hated it or simply just didn’t care.
Apparently about 13-15 million viewers watched the series finale. Then 20 million viewers tuned in for the last 6 minutes. (courtesy from TVbythenumbers)
I am on the other hand totally loved it.
While others will be bitching and moaning about how the show ended.
Watching it I couldn’t stop crying during some of the scenes.
I may reveal some spoilers for those who haven’t scene it.
Not going to analyze it just stating the scenes from the episode.
So don’t read it under this cut.

The show didn’t really answer the questions.
One being what the island is or represented.

Overall I was happy with the closure with all the characters.
Seemed like love reunited everyone together.
Felt somewhat cliche that love is the answer to everything.
It was nice to see Rose, Bernard and Vincent the dog.
That almost scared me if Locke was going to kill both of them.

The battle with Jack and Locke was underwhelming but did make sense on the “flash sideways” to how Jack was getting the cuts on his body.
Favorite part was when Kate shot Locke and said “I saved a bullet for you”.

The best scenes and the ones I cried alot were the reuniting of the couples.
Sun and Jin
Shannon and Sayid
Claire and Charlie
Kate and Jack
the best one was Sawyer and Juliet (pictured here)

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Another scene that was emotional were:
Ben apologizing to Locke to everything.
Locke telling Ben that he forgives him.
Hugo telling Jack he can’t die.
Lupidus flying off the island with the remaining survivors plus Richard.

The one scene that really was the best is Jack’s scene.
After putting a “cork” on the light.
In the flash sideways, he goes to the church and sees the coffin.
When he touches the coffin all the images from the island comes back.
Then his father appears. Apparently they are real but dead.
Jack reunites with everyone minus Michael, Walt and Ben.
Then we go back to the island and Jack is walking down to the resting place in the bamboo forest in the very first episode.
Vincent the dog comes up to him.
We see the plane flying.
In the flash sideways, Jack’s father opens the church door and there a white light.
At the end we see Jack’s eyes close.
That scene was emotional and breathtaking.

Not in all for interpretation. But my guess was the whole series was all about Jack.
Probably his soul was “LOST“.

Overall it was one of the best finale so far in 2010.
The music made it to such great emotions.
For those who aren’t a big fan, you should just watch the Pilot and the Ending.
Might not make sense but it does have an beginning and an ending.
What to do now after LOST is done??
Let’s cross over fingers if LOST will get alot of Emmy nominations.


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