To get inked or not?

Its one of those nights and I feel like writing about this topic.
Whether or not to get a tattoo?
Everywhere you see are everyday people showing off tattoos left, right and centre.
Even those you don’t suspect will have tattoos.
Tattoos are like source of pride, best represents themselves or a fashion statements.

I’ve been going back and forth for quite some time on getting a tattoo.
I feel like, its some peer pressure thing.
For those wondering, it would be my Chinese name.
Deciding if I should have it on my wrist, back of the neck or ankle.
The only dilemma do I want a tattoo for the rest of my life?
What if I don’t like to see it from time to time?
Its going to be awhile to decide on this.

I would like to ask you.
What kind of tattoo you have and where is it?
Have you ever regretted having it?


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Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

2 responses to “To get inked or not?”

  1. Alex says :

    Interesting question.

    Don’t get one if you feel it is peer pressure driving it, you will regret it.

    Don’t get one in a highly visible place if you have a job (or wish to have a job) that will require you to have it covered.

    That being said, I got my first tattoo when I was 28. I got the Incan Sun God on my right wrist. My family is from Ecuador, and I have a degree in Latin American studies. It seemed to be appropriate.

    I got the tattoo because
    I suffer from social anxiety. What people think about me is very important to me and has caused lots of regrets. It was my way of saying “fuck what everybody thinks”. This is my life.

    Since then I have added one more, and will probably add a large piece. Tattoos have become part of me and my identity. They help me push forward and are symbols of challenges that I have conquered.

    If you think that getting a tattoo is right for you, then get one. If you’re not sure, then don’t.

  2. Anna says :

    Don’t do it. If someone gave you a beautiful shirt and said the only condition of you having it was that you’d have to wear it for the rest of your life, you’d probably decline it. Be a true individual–DON’T stamp yourself with some fake “authentication” or sign of belonging. Get a temporary tattoo if you must, but leave your flesh–which will tell its own story as it ages–alone.

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