Seduction of the Idiots @ Canteen (August 27-Sept 12)

Bob Flynn (Boston) showing off his works.

August 27th was the opening party for Canteen‘s Seduction of the Idiots.
Bob Flynn and his wife Loren was in attendance for the opening party.
Didn’t get to talk most about his works, mostly about music, American pop culture and the art scene in NYC, Boston and St.Louis.
They were nice and great people to meet and chat with.

Here is the description from the site.
Comics have long been accused of transforming young, impressionable children into savage maniacs incapable of existing as productive members of society. This is of course, completely ridiculous. At worst, comics warp fragile minds into wanting to become cartoonists themselves, which is arguably slightly better than the juvenile delinquent scenario. In any case, comics are here to stay, whether uptight citizens like it or not. The artists on display in “Seduction of the Idiots” are all examples of what can happen when comic and cartoon addiction is not dealt with early enough. Let this art show serve as a warning to parents everywhere; know what your child is watching and reading every second of their lives. The last thing you want is to be the parent of an idiot.

Featuring Artwork by:

Exhibit runs from August 27th to September 12th

Here are the rest of the photos.


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One response to “Seduction of the Idiots @ Canteen (August 27-Sept 12)”

  1. emilie says :

    i totally talked to him before i headed out.
    I loveddd his art but couldn’t afford it ): Damn what was i thinking, after i got out i told myself i should of taken a picture of him.. blahh

    Got his buisness card, haha!

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