Wines of Puglia in Ottawa – Media Launch

On September 21st, there was a media launch for the Wines Of Puglia that took place at Chateau Laurier.
For all you wine connoisseurs it was heaven.
Wines of Puglia is an extraordinary program of seminars and wine-tasting events to be held in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal from September 21 to 25.
Twelve of the finest winemakers from the Puglia region in Italy will be showcasing their wines to Canadian experts, trade media and the public.
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For those that don’t know Puglia is in the southern region of Italy.
Its is known for wine, Mediterranaean cuisine and its wonderful scenery.
It was my first time trying out the wine tasting which was very overwhelming.
Here are the photos.

There were eleven wines I got to try out with my short analysis.

  • Donna Illiana Anima, Coppa d’Oro. White wine, 2009 13%
  • This is a dry wine and had that sweet smell.

  • Posta Arignano, D’Alfonso del Sordo. Rose wine, 2009 12.5%
  • This wine had a fruity taste and smelled really sweet.

  • Nobiles Nero di Troia, Antica Cantina. Red wine, 2009 12.5%
  • This wine had somewhat of strong taste.

  • Cacc’e mmitte, Alberto Longo. Red wine, 2008, 13%
  • This dry wine had that spicy taste.

  • Vigna Grande, Spagnoletti Zeuli. Red wine, 2007 13%*
  • This wine smelled nice and tasted fruity and one of my favorites.

  • Petranera, Albea. Red wine, 2007, 13.5%
  • This wine had that sweet and strong alcohol taste.

  • Tatu, Vigne e Vini. Red wine, 2007, 14%
  • This dry wine had that spicy and acidic taste.

  • Ghenos, Torrevento. Red wine, 2007, 14.5%
  • This dry wine had a fruity and sweet taste. One of the darker wines.

  • Vereto, Vallone. Red wine, 2007, 13%
  • This wine had that light and sweet taste.

  • Masseria Maime, Tormaresca. Red wine, 2006 13.5%*
  • This wine had a fine, ripe and sweet taste. Had a really strong smell.

  • Romanico, Cefalicchio. Red wine, 2005 13%
  • Only wine that is organic, tasted refined and wasn’t too strong.

*Best ones


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