Capital Cupcake Camp 2010

Capital Cupcake Camp 2010
Capital Cupcake Camp 2010 took place in Ottawa on September 26, 2010.
This year the event took place at City Hall and it was less chaotic than last year.
Second year was a big improvement and alot of amazing and superb cupcakes.
Don’t forget a bigger place to hold this event.
My friend *finally* Katy and Anne entered this year’s Cupcake Camp.
Katy‘s was a Brown Butter Pumpkin Spice Cupcake and Anne‘s was a Chocolate Chili Charge!
Anyways Katy’s Cupcake won the Best Savoury cupcake and I couldn’t be more surprise and congratulate.
Capital Cupcake Camp 2010
Totally enjoyed this year’s event.
The amateur’s totally outdid themselves with the work and creativity on the cupcakes.
The pro’s had absolute cupcakes too.
It was too funny when the event was opened for public/tasters at 11am, it was hectic and crazy.
I would have to say most of the cupcakes were gone in less than an hour!
The event raised $6000 for Women Alive and Youth Services Bureau.

Can’t wait for next year now!
Thanks to Ian from Code Factory, Foodieprints and the volunteers to making this happen.
Here are the photos.

Here are from Shawn Dearn‘s set *mostly some of the photos I took are in the set*.
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5 responses to “Capital Cupcake Camp 2010”

  1. Vanilla Bean Baker says :

    This was my first year attending/competing and I had so much fun that I can hardly wait to register again for next year. So delighted that it raised over 6K for the two charities. Meeting new people, tasting cupcakes and raising money for two good causes made for one of the best afternoons I’ve spent in a long time.
    Great photos! Both Katy and Anne’s cupcakes looked wonderful.
    I have so many photos to unload from this that I don’t know how you managed to get your post up so quickly!

  2. Shakira & Colleen says :

    Thank you for the amazing photos!

  3. alea (myrealfoodlife) says :

    What a terrific blog post… it was a great event. Love your shots- your lighting is just perfect!

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