2010 Ottawa Zombie Walk


This is my third year checking out the Ottawa Zombie Walk.
This year was different since the event was on a Saturday.
I prefer the event being on Sunday.
Again its a great way to take photos of people all dress up in Zombie mode.
Its interesting to see how far people can dress up.
Usually its nice to meet some people (zombie or not).

My only complaint this year was it started off very early at 2pm sharp.
From the previous years, 2pm was the meeting point and usually wait for more people to show up and then move on at 2:30pm or so.
They need some leader to take charge and do some ritual or whatever.
I had some friends who I had to call and text that the walk has already started which caused some problems.

I don’t know if next year will be more stricter from the Police because I heard from people at the walk that someone smeared fake blood on someone’s car which was parked.
I am not sure if the car owner will make further complaints on the event.
There was some one restaurant which won’t be named. There was fake blooded smeared on the windows.

Anyways everyone all gathered at Parliament Hill and it was at fun.
My feet is sore from running and walk.

Here are the photos and more on this site.


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About Ming Wu

Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada mingwuphotography@gmail.com

One response to “2010 Ottawa Zombie Walk”

  1. Shelby Cooper says :

    This was very kewl. Too bad they took off so fast. Ottawa Zombies need to slow down and scout the prey!

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