Why I don’t wear Plaid

Opinions expressed on this site are mines alone.
So don’t bite my head off about this article.

This could be one of my silly New Year’s Resolution.
Not to wear Plaid. Even if there is a sale.

Fashion comes and goes.
I must have missed this fashion trend.
When did Plaid make a comeback?
I noticed like around 2010 that people have been wearing them.
Even some of the American stores like Target, Gap, Old Navy and Sears featured a commercials about Plaid.

Everywhere I see guys and girls are wearing them.
Where does people buy them at?
I know one is Value Village.

So I ask what is it about Plaid that you like wearing them?

I for one would never want to wear them.
Not trying to be anti Plaid, its just not my thing.
A chinese guy like me would look really awkward wearing them.
I did had one like when “Grunge” was popular in its hay-day.
Somehow I felt weird wearing since no other Asian people wore it back then.
There are some Asian people who can pull off wearing them.
Not me!
Wearing them now, I would feel like going out to the wild west or trying to be a poseur.

Now these days I like to wear something more conventional.
Clothes that you can find at Gap, H&M and Old Navy.
Like sweater, jeans and t-shirt.

I find the prices for them are kind of outrageous if you go to Urban Outfitters.
Or very reasonable price a la Walmart.

I am no one to judge.
So its your fashion choice on what you like to wear.

Its mostly myself, on what I like to wear and feel comfortable.

So I ask, why do you like to wear them.
Don’t say its a hipster thing.




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