2011 Ottawa Fashion Week Fall/Winter Edition [Review]

Now that the dust has settled on the photos taken at Ottawa Fashion Week 2011.
I think I should try to make a review on my experience at the three day event. (technically two and a half)
2011 Ottawa Fashion Week - Launch Party
Having only attended Ottawa Fashion Week on that Saturday night in 2010. (Go on here and do OFW 2010)
I rarely know anything about fashion, so it was a nice way to step into the world of fashion.
Get out of my comfort zone in the music world and try something different in photography.

I will be critical and say that there were some ups and downs when the event got started.
Mostly waiting for an hour to get my media pass which I happened to pay for considering they said show up around 4:30 to pick them up.
That doors will open at 5pm.

On Day 1, I only managed to see three of the designers in the first showcase.
I was very surprised that they changed the runway platform.
It was more on the ground than the high-rise platform.
With live music by Scary Bear Soundtrack starting off the day.
Scary Bear Soundtrack @ OFW 2011
They were:

Emilia TorabiJana Hanzel had that classy and elegant business fashion look. There was abit of that Doctor Zhivago look with the fur.
Yola Couture was black everywhere. It had that edgy sexy look.
Veronica MacIsaac Apparel, all I can say is plaid. Easy and accessible clothing.
I didn’t get to stay for the last three runway due since I had to attend to another show.
Being the first night was kind of hectic but the fashion was amazing.

On Day 2 which was another busy night.
With live music by:

The designers I saw were:

Eliz had some really nice bright colors and had that nice wintery feel.
Serendipity had nice soft colours and really like the owl theme to it.
Rachel Sin which I will say was the best collection that night. More like everyone was impressed with this collection.
Sexy, sleek and wow.
Emily WoudenbergAnastasiya Kuyevda was very unique and had that European look to it. Lots of head wraps.
!Nu.I had a exotic look to it.
Adib Simon had a worldy look and there was some eye popping designs. Lots of feathers too.
It was great Day 2 of the show.

On Day 3 which was the last day.
The designers I saw were:

The Escape Movement was the only one that had menswears It was more like hip everyday wear. There were some of the male models made really funny “model like faces”.
Anomal Couture which I had to say was the longest due to the models walking “VERY” slow. Had that cold and dark futuristic look.
Karen’s runway, I was wondering why the models are still wearing the same clothes. I happened to figure out that her work is mostly jewelery. They were pretty nice.
Illyria Design had that classic vintage look.
Adrian Wu now that is what a fashion show should have. Crazy, fun and experimentation. There was black balloons, the backstage opened up on the runway and the models just walked through them and didn’t stop to pose for the cameras.
I was not expecting at all with his collection. There were alot of people excited to see his work. Max Keeping was there.

Overall I truly had a great first time photographing Ottawa Fashion Week.
My tip for them is for the people at OFW. I think they should try getting some of the smaller Ottawa businesses in helping out.
The other day, I was at Raw Sugar Cafe for a show to see. Talked to owner and mentioned about my weekend.
That she should check out OFW too. I feel like not many people in Ottawa know about this event and think it is only for people who love fashion.
I think it would help the city of Ottawa be not a “boring” city.
The only thing I will say is I wasn’t sure which designers was Ottawa-based or out of town?
Also they should try doing some various venues if they want to do a “week” thing or do various runway shows.
Probably in the future they will come up with more ideas.

Can’t wait for the next one.


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One response to “2011 Ottawa Fashion Week Fall/Winter Edition [Review]”

  1. Marcia says :

    WOw, super glad to have seen this, first off…i devoured everything you just wrote and i freakin loved it! I completely agree with everything you mentionned. I love your reviews, brief and fantastic.

    Loved ElizBourk, Anomal looks fierce! Adrian Wu, genius! Great collections were presented. Great blog, now following you! Photos are awesome!

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