Q&A about The Cook Off 2 @ Babylon on April 20, 2011

Don’t we all love food?
So I was curious about The Cook Off 2 which takes place at Babylon Nightclub on April 20, 2011. (Yes it’s on 420 :P)
This event sounds very fun to attend.
List of teams range from big names and small names like:

I happened to asked Samantha Robinson who is running this event a few questions on the Cook Off 2.

What can people expect for those who haven’t been to this event?
The Cook Off is basically a showcase of local talent.
Its a great way for amateur foodies to show off their skills and even compete against veteran chefs with highly rated restaurants!
There are ‘cooks’ from every different scene, genre and style you could want! Its a community talent show, really!

The public who attends this can judge the teams, right? Do you think it’s better than having a panel of judges judge the teams?
Yes, the attendies judge the food.
I think it makes it more realistic of a race, because the customers can pick a style of food they really love and judge who can spark their tastebuds the best.
Its not just a popularity contest, it gets vicious!

Having this Cook Off can show what Ottawa has to offer in the food world?
The event is kind of a “pros vs joes” competition.
It’s a great way to sample food from the cities top restaurants and hot spots (Play Food + Wine, Jean Alberts, Thimblecakes) and to check out local foodies and friends’ skills (Ritual, Top Of The World) and try things you may not get a chance to normally.
And all for a bargain (between $3 and $6 for a plate of food)

Not sure if the event was stated, will there be some vegetarian/vegan friendly foods from the teams?
There will be a veg options in a few categories, as well as salad and vegan desserts!

Not to pick favorites, which teams is your favorite?
I was asked this question last year and refused to answer, but my boyfriend is showing off his skills this year, so I am in his corner. Haha, see you there!

There will be prizes:

  • Reap and Sew
  • Top Of The World
  • En Equilibre
  • TOWN.
  • Maxwells
  • Lush
  • Auntie Loos
  • TRIFE Clothing
  • Gypsy+Co Vintage Boutique

For more info about the Cook Off 2 check out the Facebook event or Babylon’s website.


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