Prairie Scene: Swarm @ Club Saw

Artwork by Divya Mehra

After the doing the bus crawl to the galleries and at the NAC.
There was a after party at Club Saw/Saw Gallery where you can dance and schmooze.
Here are the photos

When I got there, I was wondering about that big space with the black tape around.
It wasn’t until I was told there was a performance art by Ming Hon.
Here is what I thought of the Ming Hon’s performance dance art.
It was basically her with a wok and a butcher knife.
Since I sat on the floor near the black tape.
I wasn’t expecting it to be very intense.
She started off yelling at people to turn off their “bleeping” cellphone.
Than she did this dance with the knife. I had to pull back abit because I wasn’t expecting to be that dangerous. (From what I heard the knife was totally dull)
There were parts I had to take my eye away since I wasn’t sure if it was those kind of performances that was shock and awe if she decided to bleed herself.
Yeah there was a sense of danger.
Then there were parts that got too weird and disturbing when she was getting off and being sexual with the knife. (Maybe I am just a prude :P)
Apparently someone must have heckled and she went off with “Who “bleeping” said that?”.
There will be those people who were there totally not understanding this form of art and some that understands it.
I thought it would have been a good idea if whoever was the curator of the exhibit that people would turn off their cellphones and stuff than have her yelling (which kind of was off putting).
The “Chinese” of me felt kind of offended when she totally yelled at the audience. Had that “Chinese stereotype” about Chinese woman being with bitchy.
Overall it was a pretty interesting performance dance art.

Afterwards Sarah Hallman played
Here are the photos from that set.
Sarah Hallman @ Club Saw
Sarah Hallman @ Club Saw
Sarah Hallman @ Club SawSarah Hallman @ Club Saw

This ended off the first night of the Prairie Scene.


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