OIFF 2011: Program Launch/Films to watch

It’s back again this year and taking place on August 17-21!
I am talking about the Ottawa International Film Festival.
In it’s second year, still taking baby steps and sounds like it is doing what they can to show what Ottawa has to offer in the movie world.
Here is a blurb:
With a focus on independent filmmaking, the OIFF mandate includes a commitment to supporting the development of film talent in Ottawa and providing local filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their work alongside major international films.
The 2nd OIFF will build on the foundation established during the inaugural event, evolving into a bold and distinct platform for the celebration of creative and cross-cultural filmmaking.

This year the movies will be shown at World Exchange Plaza.

Here is what the schedule will look like
August 18:
7:30pm – Inescapable (Canadian premiere 18 minutes) and A Violent State (World Premiere 85 minutes)
August 19:
8:00pm – The Legend of Beaver Dam (This film is part of Canada’s top ten shorts, courtesy of TIFF. 12 minutes) and Highway Gospel (Ottawa Premier 91 minutes)
10:15pm – Beauty Marks (7 minutes) and Kenneyville (World Premiere 83 minutes)
August 20:
Film screenings in Theatre A
12pm – Digi60 Short Films Presentation

  • Connecting by Randy Kelly – 8:32 minutes
  • At Last by Mike Horrigan – 4:33 minutes
  • Hint of Winter by Adrian Langley – 8:01 minutes
  • Pie by Kristian Lariviere – 7:27 minutes
  • Dragons by Jeremy Kennedy – 8:55 minutes
  • Polarity by Kevin Preece – 6:44 minutes
  • Sticky Notes by Patrick Kaplin – 8:44

1:15pm – Documentaries

      • Caged Innocence – 30 minutes
      • This is My Witness – 25:26 minuntes
      • Lipsett Diaries (Les Journaux de Lipsett) – (This film is part of Canada’s top ten shorts, courtesy of TIFF. 14 minutes)
      • Dreamcoat – 31 minutes


      • Mind Rush – 6:30
      • Nothing Personal – 20:00
      • The Waiting Room – 6:16
      • Vapor – (This film is part of Canada’s top ten shorts, courtesy of TIFF. Directed by Kaveh Nabatian of Bell Orchestre fame. 11pm)
      • Clarity – 21:40
      • Les Fleurs de L’âge (Little Flowers) – (This film is part of Canada’s top ten shorts, courtesy of TIFF. 18 minutes)

Film Screenings in Theatre B
12pm Slate of Comedic Shorts

    • Polar Bear Love – 11:00
  • A Sensitive Subject – 11:35
  • Above the Knee – (This film is part of Canada’s top ten shorts, courtesy of TIFF. 12 minutes)
  • The Diner – 27:35

1:30pm – The Righteous Tithe (World Premier 80 minutes)
3:15pm – Running Mates – (Canadian Premiere 99 minutes)

An Evening with Aaron Ryder
6:30pm – Introduction By Festival Director Nina Bains and Aaron Ryder presents Memento (113 minutes)

8:45pm – Q&A with AARON RYDER 30:00
9:30pm – Aaron Ryder presents Donnie Darko (113 minutes)

For more info go to OIFF


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