Photos from Saturday’s Ottawa International Film Festival

It was a busy Saturday for the Ottawa International Film Festival.

The day started off with attending the “Slate of Comedic Shorts”.

  • Polar Bear Love
  • A short I can never stop watching.
    It was nice to see it in a theatre setting and still funny as ever.

  • A Sensitive Subject
  • A funny tongue & cheek naughty short about a couple.
    Mostly about the girlfriend’s “past” partners and I didn’t know Luca and Brennan makes cameo in the film.

  • Above the Knee – (This film is part of Canada’s top ten shorts, courtesy of TIFF. 12 minutes)
  • A funny short about a guy who wears a skirt to work.

  • The Diner
  • I wasn’t sure if this was a Ottawa short until later in the short where the actress said “Rideau Centre”.
    A funny short and like how they censored the profanity.

After that went to the Documentaries.
I only watched

  • Caged Innocents
  • This Is My Witness

Both documentaries were very powerful, thought provoking, moving and made you aware that bad things happens in other countries.

Later in the evening, I went for the double screening for Momento and Donnie Darko.
Aaron Ryder who was the executive producer was in attendance for this.
The Q&A session was very good and at least no one ask any stupid question.

I finally got to see both films.
Momento was good.
I really love Donnie Darko, just love the soundtrack from the film. Mostly the ending with the cover of Tears For Fear’s Mad World covered by Gary Jules which was a Christmas #1 in the UK.

Afterwards I went to the after party.
It was a fun night.

Here are the photos.

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One response to “Photos from Saturday’s Ottawa International Film Festival”

  1. freightgeist says :

    Nice, great pics…great night

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