Want to see Ann Hui’s “A Simple Life” badly!

What a poster!

I haven’t been caught up in the ongoings in the Hong Kong film scene.
This is a movie I want people to notice.
Not all Hong Kong films is a typical martial arts, crime or a “Jackie Chan film”.
Hong Kong does make good dramatic film, look at Wong Kar-Wai. 😛
But recently I read about this movie directed by Ann Hui called A Simple Life which stars Andy Lau and Deanie Ip (Yip).
The movie was in competition at the Venice Film Festival where Deanie Ip (Yip) won Best Actress.
The movie will be showing at TIFF.

Here is a info of the film.
The film is about the lifelong relationship between a film producer — played by Mr. Lau — and his household’s amah, called Ah Tao, who has cared for several generations of his family. After Ah Tao suffers a stroke, they reverse roles and he looks after her, eventually realizing that she has been more than just a servant but a much-loved member of the family. The story is based on the true story of the film’s producer, Roger Lee.

Here is the trailer.

I so want to see this movie badly and bring a box of tissues.

Still can’t believe it has been almost 23 years since Andy and Deanie have been in a movie together.

Wow! Deanie’s English is really good!
Here is the Chinese version of the same news segment.


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