S#!t Ottawans Say [What people Tweeted!]

Something happened in the Ottawa Twitterverse on January 19, 2012.
Ever since S**t Girls Say hit the web back in December.
There has been alot of copy cats and craze going.
I would have thought the novelty would die down.
But it hasn’t…

Things had hit a notch when someone decided to do a Ottawa version.
No there isn’t a Youtube version.
But it has been all over Twitter since January 19th.
Here are what people Tweeted.
Considering some of the sites (apt613 and OpenFile Ottawa) didn’t use my Tweets.
For more Tweets, click here.

  1. “No way! Sandra Oh was born in Ottawa!” #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 16:04:04
  2. “Let’s go to the Rideau Center” #ShitOttawansSay
    Mon, Jan 23 2012 07:48:09
  3. “Sh*t. Have you got a blackberry charger on you?” #ShitOttawansSay #ShitIJustSaidJustNow
    Sun, Jan 22 2012 14:25:05
  4. “Hockey game at Corel Centre, I mean Scotiabank Place” #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 14:34:11
  5. Our public transit blows. #ShitOttawansSay
    Sun, Jan 22 2012 01:49:32
  6. #ShitOttawansSay sounds like fodder for Capital Complaints Choir, led by artful kvetchers @_nuotio_ and @BenWelland. Where’s the whine?
    Sun, Jan 22 2012 13:01:14
  7. Have you ever seen Max Keeping’s ponytail up close? He’s at the Casino like every weekend. #ShitOttawansSay
    Fri, Jan 20 2012 08:06:00
  8. I have a friend who went to high school with @tomgreenlive/ alanis @morissette #shitottawanssay
    Sun, Jan 22 2012 07:45:04
  9. “Let’s go to the Dirty Dom” #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 14:36:20
  10. You want to go all the way to Barrhaven?? To party?? #ShitOttawansSay
    Fri, Jan 20 2012 16:16:18
  11. I live two blocks from the canal, but I hate skating. #shamefuladmissions #shitOttawansSay
    Sat, Jan 21 2012 15:03:59
  12. We have the best bus system in world. The prices go up and the service goes down. #ShitOttawansSay
    Fri, Jan 20 2012 13:34:45
  13. “If it’s snowing, that means it’s warm out” #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 20:37:27
  14. The windows are up in my apt. ’cause the building is 50 yrs old and the landlord is boiler happy. #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 18:26:33
  15. “Bonjour mesdames et messieurs, Thank you ladies and gentlemen…” #shitottawanssay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 20:11:38
  16. Leafs Suck #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 17:10:08
  17. I’ll meet you at my Bridgehead. #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 12:22:31
  18. “Bus drivers are SO overpaid.” #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 12:34:59
  19. “I haven’t been to Zaphods in forever.” #shitottawanssay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 12:00:33
  20. “Why is the Queensway always under construction?” #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 16:53:45
  21. Applying to ‘bilingual’ jobs but aren’t bilingual #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 16:42:52
  22. Do you know who’s playing at Bluesfest this year? #ShitOttawansSay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 16:38:59
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 12:10:00
  24. The Sens suck, I think i’ll cheer for the Leafs next season. @sbaranski @kinsellawarren @swebb100 #shitottawanssay
    Thu, Jan 19 2012 16:26:08

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