SPAO Print Sale – February 9, 2012 [Photos]

Spur of the moment, I decided to check out SPAO‘s Print Sale that happened on February 9th.
It was a Valentine’s Day theme with sticker hears, heart shaped cookies and Pom-Pom Martinis.
I got a Polaroid taken by the lovely Angelina McCormick.

Here is a gist of the event.
This annual event is a fundraiser for SPAO and the students of the SPAO Portfolio Program.
To hold their end of year exhibition, students of the Portfolio Program sold some of their works.
A terrific opportunity to acquire photographic art by leading and up-and-coming artists!

Works that were auctioned off:
David Barbour
James Borcoman
Jim des Rivieres
Tony Fouhse
Louis Helbig
John Hewett Hallum
Leslie Hossack
Pedro Isztin
Rob MacInnis
Marie-Jeanne Musiol
Michael Schreier
Michelle Wilson
I was kind of surprised with how people will spend on a photograph.
But not like what you would see at like a Sotherby’s Auction.
This was more subdue and tame.

Here are the photos that I took on my iPhone.


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