Community Darkroom in Ottawa – UPDATE

Got an email from James Edward Hare who is trying to get a Community Darkroom going in Ottawa.
Please contact James (not me) about this matter.
Here is what he said.
I’ve been contacted by someone who has a basement to rent on Lyndale just off of the Parkdale.
The owner says its 2000 sq feet and has plumbing we can tap into. I’ve arranged to go around and see it on Thursday at 4pm.
Is anyone interested in coming with me to see the space? If so send me an email and we can arrange to meet.
Also, we should consider having another meeting in a week or so.
What dates and times work for people? I’ll try and get a survey monkey up and running to make this coordination easier.
If anyone has an additional news let me know.


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About Ming Wu

Ming Wu - Photographer and blogger from Ottawa, Canada

One response to “Community Darkroom in Ottawa – UPDATE”

  1. rene says :

    Have you guys successfully opened a community darkroom?

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