Fun times at PROMdemonium 5! [Short Review]

I definitely had a fun time at PROMdemonium 5 on April 21, 2012.
Still can’t believe it is their 5th year going on with this.
If you don’t know, PROMdemonium is a radical, community-oriented, gender-bending, bike-loving, enviro-humping, queer-diggin, slow dancing, big dress wearing prom that you never had!
The prom took place at the Panorama Room at the National Arts Centre.
This was my second time attending this event but I was asked to photograph the event.
I will admit to this that I never went to my prom because I wasn’t into it and didn’t really bother when I was in highschool.
Somehow I kind of regretted but it is not a big deal.

But having this kind of different kind of prom made it up.

Hey look mushrooms!

This time there were lessons on how to slow dance with someone.

Look at those people slow dancing.

Then the prom got started when a lot of people arriving at around 9pm.
Hey look the kissing wheel!

Looks like some people found who they had to kiss.

I had alot of fun with people I saw there.
Let’s say I got abit buzz with the drinks that my friends were giving to me.
All I can say is, I will never do “Vodka shots” again!!
The music was great despite being a “Top 40” kind of format but still fun to dance and sing out loud.
At midnight, there was a surprise and it happened to be poutine!
Definitely was a favorite for those there and probably those who was hungry.
Mmmm so yummy!

So yeah, it was a fun night!!
Thank you to the people that ran PROMdemonium and letting me take photos this year!!

For more photos from the prom, click here.

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