Found Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Tour @ Ottawa’s Pressed

When I heard about this coming back to Ottawa on September 8, 2012.
I just had to go see it again for the third time at Pressed.
The last time was in 2009.
I am talking about Davy and Peter Rothbart’s Found Magazine tour.
For those that don’t know, Found Magazine is a magazine created by brothers Davey and Peter Rothbart from Ann Arbour, Michigan.
The magazine is a work of collected notes, photos, and other interesting items and publishes them in an irregularly-issued magazine, in books, and on its website.

I didn’t know it was the 10th anniversary for Found Magazine.
Part of their epic romp across North America with stops in 75 cities.
It was also to celebrate Davy’s book called My Heart Is An Idiot and Pete’s new album.

Davy read out some new and his top favorite FOUND materials.
Did two excerpt readings of My Heart Is An Idiot.
Then Peter came on and sang four songs that were inspired by the notes they received.
Of course he ended off with “The Booty Don’t Stop”.
Davy mentioned this story that they did a show in Hollywood.
This woman came up to Davy and wanted to meet Pete but was very shy.
The woman happened to be Fiona Apple, I was like wow!

They added something new to the tour.
Davy decided to get a audience member to come up on stage.
It was part of trying to get to know a stranger.
Basically introduce them and Davy would ask questions that the audience members wrote down before the show started.
It was very entertaining and funny.
That person had guts to really open up about herself, even I wouldn’t dare try to answer the questions :P.

It was truly an entertaining night.
Even I still haven’t been able to find things in my surroundings.
Here are the photos.

Go to their website, check it out and submit/send something you found.
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